Read my tips for poker and qiuqiu99 in order to avoid all of the errors a beginner in the field does. You can learn from my poker experience and skip the failures during your first attempts in becoming a great player.

Frankly, in the beginning I thought I was a quite talented player. In my first days as a poker enthusiast I exceeded the successes and winnings a regular novice in the field usually did. However, you know that there’s no better lesson than the practice. The more experience I gained the more mistakes I found in everything I did – from my cash games to the biggest tournaments I managed to be invited or to deserve the participation.

So, if you are going to immerse the Omaha, qiuqiu99 or any other awesome poker game just like me back in those days, I sincerely prefer you to learn about these poker beginner’s mistakes not the hard way. Instead, you can read what I was mistaken about in poker and just not to repeat them. In case you are ready, guys, let’s start with the worst mistakes I have ever done from the first account I opened in a poker website till these days.

  1. I was scared to fold. It was like a curse to me. It was a sense that I am giving up. It took me a year or even more to find out that figuring out when’s the best time to fold is actually a skill that only the good poker players have. Mostly, I was concerned that if I fold, I will lose a very big chance to win. And guess what, I lost quite a lot of money due to not wanting to fold.
  2. There was a time I thought everyone on the table is bluffing. Every suggestion about any of my opponents’ hands leaded me to the conclusion that he was actually bluffing. And if you don’t know, here’s what – if you a player bluffs in the game, the strategy you should undertake is completely different from the general poker strategy you apply. This is how I did not only lose money. I even lost the sense of poker reality. But, thankfully, I shook it off and now I understand that actually only a few people are bluffing these days.
  3. “Who cares? I lost so much money, let’s all in what’s left…!”. Do you know how many times I said this phrase? God, a lot of times. It was a practice for me to risk it all when I got in a series of losses. The poker gurus say it’s called a chase for the loss. And indeed, every time I made such a move, I managed to catch the next loss…

If you learn from my experience and never do any of these poker mistakes, you will definitely have brighter experience as a beginner than me! Good luck, guys!