Check out some interesting stats about afapoker and other poker websites related with the quarantine period. Read some mind-blowing facts about the changes in the online poker world due to the self-isolation we are trapped in.

Quarantine has made huge changes in all aspects of our lives. We’ve been witnessing of rearrangement of the biggest political and economy powers. We’ve been watching how every day our social distance reflects in many ways our cultural attitude and our community relationships.

But we also see that gambling industry has been experiencing a two-side modification due to what Covid-19 has been doing to us. First of all, all ground casinos are closed. But second of all, we see the huge potential of online casinos to have been living a new, even more massive, wave.

Specifically for poker, online casinos from all over the world have provided some data that shows the trends in the field and in a correlation to Covid-19 and self-quarantine period in numerous countries from all over the world.

Please, feel free to see the most curious poker stats from the days of quarantine:

  • The number of active online poker accounts has increased with up to 34% just for a month (March). The experts claim that nearly 65% of these newly appeared online poker players are ex-visitors (common and regular) of the ground casinos.
  • The interest to newly opened online casinos and internet poker providers has risen with up to 13%. According to the specialists the latest players in the field of online poker services – like afapoker – experience some amazing success. The good things is that websites like this example are reliable and really worth it to be tested poker places. And the scams seem to become fewer due to the increase of the resources in internet gambling protection.
  • Any 3 from 5 newly registered players in a poker website are women. It’s interesting that in the beginning of the worldwide quarantine the women were even more in comparison to men – 4 from 5. The specialists explain this fact with the natural woman’s struggle to find something for diversification in case of a routine and loneliness.
  • Since the quarantine the poker millionaire are with 14% more in comparison to the same period (March – end of April) from the two previous years (2019 and 2018 years).
  • The played money in poker from this same period is up to 45% more than played money in poker websites from the 2019th year. According to the experts, a lot of casinos expect to reach their monthly amount of played money that’s equal to the last quarter of the previous year.
  • Every 2 from 7 poker pros (and experienced players with nearly 10-year accounts in websites like afapoker) have switched to another poker format. Of course, the reason is for fun.
  • There are nearly 50 new poker websites that have been launched during the quarantine period. It’s a tendency for these new players in the sphere to offer with up to 10% bigger bonuses (excluding the deposit bonuses) than the poker providers who debuted in the beginning of this year or the end of the previous year.