See how online poker games can actually change the personality in you. See the way poker impacts on your life and your character every day.

The classical poker player is a male, he’s under 40-years old and usually he’s described as the disciplined man of principle, who’s, though looks like a bad boy. These talks, however, suit more a Hollywood-styled movie from the 90s. Today, the reality is different and poker pros might be females with 3 kids, one dog and a house in the suburbs, where by the way, her husband does the housekeeping.

Moreover, we don’t believe that all poker players are bad boys or bad at all. As a matter of fact, scientists have discovered that playing poker online might make you a better person. And they have their own reasons to think so. Check out some of them right now:

  1. Poker players are usually focused, which is why they are disciplined and patient enough. If you learn how to be all of these, eventually you will be that friend, who’s always in harmony with his inner world and that is ready to listen to the other’s problems without engaging the surrounding people only with his own things. Speaking of which, the good poker player after all is always more concerned about what the others have rather than with what he or she has.
  2. Poker players are also smart enough to know that there should be balance between aggression and passiveness. These people understand that there’s no such a thing as a black and white game or life. At some point, it is a must to remain passive, but if you don’t “see” the right moment to show your aggression, another, second chance might never come again. These people in life are balanced and always reliable when it comes to analyzing the situation.
  3. Poker online players are ready to accept all kinds of risks when it’s worth it. That’s the difference with standard risk-takers in life. The standard risk-takers in life are ok to take risks as a whole. On the contrary, the poker players are used to at first evaluate the risk. If only this risk worth is – all the efforts, the time, the price – they take it. This is how poker online players are sober and very smart thinkers in life.
  4. Last but not least people who play poker regularly as also the people who can see the good side in everything in life. These people don’t believe in the perfection, but instead they prefer to rely on the positive attitude and taking the most of the hand, the life, the situation and even the bad situation.

Do you think poker has changed your life, too? Can you believe that poker might have turned you into a completely different person? Is it a worse or a better one?