You can play Baccarat more efficiently if you are aware of the terminology of Baccarat.

It is alleged that Felix Falguiere, an Italian gambler, created Baccarat in the middle ages. Presently, it is considered one of the oldest casino games. The oldest written records of this game belong to the 19th century. During this era, the French nobility was interested in Baccarat. At the end of the 19th century, this game gained fame in the US. During the 1950s, it became widespread in casinos. Knowing the following terms is helpful if you want to play online baccarat.

Terms of Baccarat

Up Card: It implies a card that is facing upwards.

Standoff: This term means a situation where the two hands are equally valued. It is referred to as a Standoff Wager. It implies that a player bets that the hands will tie. The payment of this wager is eight to one or nine to one.

Shoe: The decks of the playing cards are placed in a box called the Shoe.

Punto: A player in Baccarat is termed a Punto. Another interpretation of Punto is the baccarat hand, which is the opposite of the Banco hand. The Punto hand has a higher house edge. So, it is not advisable to bed on the Punto hand.

Natural: Natural implies a two-card Baccarat hand. It has a worth of either eight or nine. The round gets closed if one of the two hands is dealt as Natural. This hand is the winner by default.

La Petite: A Natural hand worth eight is termed, La Petite. It is a French word, which in English means ‘the small one.’ A Natural hand worth nine is called La Grande. This is also a French word, which in English means ‘the big one.’

Face Card: The set of cards that consists of Jacks, Queens, and Kings is the Face card. All Face cards and all tens have no worth in Baccarat.

Down Card: The Down card means a card that is facing down.

Commission: You pay a sum of money to the casino to gain the privilege of making a Banco bet. This money is termed a Commission. Generally, this sum is 5% of the bet amount rounded up to favor the House. At times, this sum can be 4%. To prevent more payments due to rounding, you must ensure that 5% of your Banco bet’s amount is paid through casino chip denominations.

Dealer: A casino employee calls the Baccarat game. This employee is a dealer, who is also called the Callman.

Burn: If you discard the first cards of a shoe, this action is called a Burn. In this action, the order of cards is disrupted to puzzle would-be cheats. This is a very simple technique used in all card games.

Bankroll: Each player designates a gross amount of money to be used in gambling at any time, called the Bankroll. A crucial section of a winning Baccarat strategy is called Bankroll management.

Banco: Banco is referred to as the House or the Bank. The ‘Banco’ term also indicates a wager on the Banco hand. This is the hand that the Dealer bets on.