These are the worst excuses you have when losing in agen slot cq9 games. Please, don’t justify your bad game with these factors anymore.

It’s in human’s nature to make excuses when doing a mistake, saying something inappropriate, losing a game. The same goes for losing in slot games. In gambling mistakes are basically sources of lessons we should appreciate. This is why making an excuse is not an option.

What about you? Do you regularly find yourself making excuses for the losses you register in your slot experience? How about if you are trying to be honest and tell us if you are doing any of these excuses for everything wrong you are doing in your slot experience? By all means, once you admit it, the bad consequence of your excuses is going to be about to be overcome.

Here’s the list with the most common excuses a casino slot lover usually does when a loss is made:

  1. “The casino changed the RTP”. As a matter of fact, there are a very small number of casinos that do this. Frankly, no gambling commission allows such a practice. Once announced the RTP in a slot machine cannot be changed, especially within the game.
  2. “This betting house sucks”. A lot of players generally accuse the gambling operator for their bad luck. And we believe that once you might have done this, too. To tell you the truth, it’s not even about your wins and income, but about your safety to select a proper casino and agen slot cq9 provider for your experience.
  3. “That’s not my lucky slot game”. Slot games are either profitable – with decent RTP – or not. The luck is a relative thing and you shouldn’t rely on it even when it comes to games like the slots. If you are keep blaming the destiny for what’s happening in your casino experience don’t expect to advance or progress in your skills.
  4. “The online casino marker is rigged”. If it was the end of the 20th century we might accept such an excuse not because the gambling operators were rigged back in those times, but because this myth was still trendy. Today, every clever person is supposed to be totally aware that there’s nothing like rigged online casino market.
  5. “Next time I will drink less”. Ok, there’s something positive in this excuse. It’s the fact that you realize how corruptive alcohol might be for your gambling experience. Back in those days when casino was always related with party and drinking all night long people did not appreciate it as a lifestyle or a serious source of income. Today, though, it’s what many people do – make their earning by playing casino games. Such an excuse, however, is unaccepted mainly because you shouldn’t drink at all while gambling.

If you have ever made at least one of these excuses, it’s high time for you to understand that you should not anymore.