Since long ago gambling is performed in different parts of the world. People from different countries take part in gambling of a different kind. In this article, we will discuss one very popular form of gambling that is horse racing.

What is horse racing?

It is a type of gambling in which the two or more than two horses are set to race to a with or without jockey over a set distance. The horse which touches or crosses first the mark or the ribbon is declared the winner of the race.

Types of horse racing

There are mainly 5 types of force racing

Flat racing, jump racing, Endurance racing, harness racing, and saddle Trotting.

Flat racing

In this race, horses are allowed the race between two points set either in a straight line or in round shape.

Jump racing

As the name suggests this race involves not just the flat surface but also some hindrance in between the racing track which the horses have to cross by jumping over them. This race is also famous as steeple chasing.

Endurance racing or riding

In this sport, the horses are set to gallop over a long distance across the country while carrying a rider on it and following the same allowed route to go through.

Harness racing

In this racing, horses need to race while pulling a driver or carriage or both.

Saddle trotting

In this sport, horses do not gallop but just trot between two points with a saddle on them.

Popular countries where horse racing betting is performed

Horse racing betting is permitted in many counties. Some of these counties include the name   UK, Australia, Ireland, India, Japan, China, France South Korea, Italy, and many others.

Types of betting

There are three types of horse betting. To bet, to place and to show. In the first betting that is to bet the gamblers bet for getting the first place by the horse.

In placing a bet, the gambler can win the bet if the horse gets either the first or second rank which increases more probability to win.

The third one that is to show gives more chances to win as in this bet the gamblers win even if the horse gets either first, second or third position in the race.

These were just a few things to know about horse betting. If you really want to try your luck in horse racing you need to know many more things before entering the world of horse racing.