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Author Topic: Brothers in arms 2018  (Read 551 times)

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Brothers in arms 2018
« on: March 07, 2018 01:23AM »
We were brothers once. Against powerful odds that stood against us, and million dollar threats, we raged and waged and ruled much of our future. Truly we owned much. Over the years many, very many, much more than I had ever thought truly possible in this rag tag team of miscreants , many took charge and changed their destiny shaping and molding tomorrow as they went along. Now for going on 8 years I have seen belief become reality. I knew in my heart that all it took was a steady truth, an endless and unwavering backing to see rags go to riches, and see misfit be what makes the world fit.
  There is no words at this point to express the very steadfast joy of victory I hold always in my heart. I too won a battle against many things that lead me here to only be what ever I could be, to back others to win out against a world that claimed they were not needed. Now they are not only needed but wanted and desired, and all the better for me. Now at the eighth year I must continue on my own personal journey. I will always be here as long as our domain is hosted and as long as anyone ever needs to know that even this long into the game, I am still game, and still playing, but I must take care of a great many things that beckon me now, things that for many years I too hid from and refused to face.
  One day we will all meet again in that game, and on that battle field, and again we will know from the deepest reaches of our souls that we are brothers in arms, and true friends in this life, and in this world. Happy eighth year lazy gamers and may all your games be a relaxed and easy game because we all need those easy victories and we all need that team to help keep them easy victories.

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