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Author Topic: block mods by lazygamerz.org  (Read 282 times)

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block mods by lazygamerz.org
« on: November 21, 2016 11:30AM »
Today I am opening up the public topic of block modifications for our 7 days to die server. 7 days to die unlike our other sandbox server, has made it extremely easy for me to address and consider block modifications and additions.

So now begins the daunting task of considering this, and along the way we hope to bring an addition of anywhere between 150 to 200 new and lazygamerz based modifications to our server.

Now as a long time player of sandbox games and a lover of building type zombie games myself, I personally would never play on any server that required and mod pack download and install. I just wont do it. I'm not interested in game modifications that take me too far away from the original game backbone. I get into a game not for the fact I can make it something else, but because I enjoy what the game developers have done.

So I have decided that in our additions to what the game developers have done, we will do all of these modifications without the use of extra files for players to need to download.

So; and as many "so" as I can add in one post and not sound like a chirpy little girl; lets start our selves off on this road to lazygamerz 7 days to die modifications.

The first thing we will need to address is categories and what all needs added or improved in that area. Areas such as "crafting" and "cooking" and "hunting". Each category needs first added base items to use within that category such as the first topic on this road; added bars for our crafting.

I mention this because I come already ready to open up the talks with some nice eye candy to get us started (as I will continue this as we move closer to applying our first round of mods to the server itself.)

Here is our forged / crafted bars additions

Now keep in mind some of these bars are going to require odd or strange means to craft such as the silver and gold bars can't be added as a resource to the main forge. This may require either a work bench or second forge method depending on the bar or the real world way these bars are made.

I will continue this topic in this tread as I get more ready to show and members of our community are welcome to join in add their insight and knowledge to the pool of ideas. Remember lazygamerz is one of the best gaming communities because everyone here matters (gamer lives matter) yeah I just said that sue me for the pun.

So let me know what you guys think and what you would like to see added. We have been talking about it on the ts voice chat and that has been extremely helpful, but limits the hard copy lists of things I can look at and keep in mind. SO if you bought the idea up to me in the voice chat please feel free to mention it here as well to make sure bobby has hard copy I can look at and consider as we go.

Bobbybighoof, management team leader

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Re: block mods by lazygamerz.org
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016 05:04PM »
I've got a few ideas, this is all I have right now. You're correct in the modding, I don't want to update a modpack each time the game updates just so I can play on genx

Some sort of raiding beacon that forces a horde? (Might not be possible)

More zombies,

Gold Plated armor (for deh emperor!)

Lead tipped spikes (for deh lead poisoning!)

More durable spikes?

Titanium Blocks (Godlike iron requiring a stupid amount of materials. We'll also need the half corners and wedges atc. Please have this have a black texture! Like the sr-71)

Metal Signs! (For dem metal bases)

Titanium tipped auger blade/chainsaw blade (make augers great again!)

Crossbow bolts for each material, each one doing a different type of damage, (if possible) gold doing fire damage, cuz why not.

Wood colored with paint to produce different color types for the purpose of RFMS (really f*ing massive signs)

A greener camouflage block, our current one doesn't look right...

Carbon fibre armour, extreme damage resist, extremely expensive, simply a black version of the military vest/suit.

Combat armour, 2nd tier, above scrap armour, decent damage resist across the board, lighter then other armour types, thus giving you a speed boost!

Placeable looting crates? Would require massive expense.

Craftable clothing items (actual cloths like t-shirts and pants, cuz plant fiber is not kool)
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