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Author Topic: The origin of ParkerKoble  (Read 552 times)

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The origin of ParkerKoble
« on: December 03, 2015 03:36PM »
When I was a kid I dreamed about traveling the stars and exploring new and unseen world, so when I was given a chance to travel the stars I accepted it right away. During my training to fly a ship I about lost all hope of ever following my dreams, I couldn't fly a ship with out the help of AI or even manage to dock to a station. I was in the bottom of my class and was about to drop out when it happened. Are planet was being bombarded by pirates, since we lived on a mostly trading planet we didn't have many fighters. We tried to get as many people of the planet through teleporters and warp gates. Though when it was time for are ship to pass through the gate a stray missile hit the gate and messed to the navigation system, so when we jumped I ship got torn about and scatters across the galaxy. When I came two  I found my self in a med bay on a station I have never seen before. I later found out that I was saved by a faction called the weeping angels. They asked if I wanted to join them, but I kindly pay said no. They then gave me some credits and a small ship and sent me on way. Later that year my ship got stolen by a group of thieves. I was then rescued once again by the weeping angels where this time I decided to join them. Since then I have been promoted to engineer and now help out other members build there ship. I can never appreciate how lucky I am for surviving though I always wondered what happened to everyone else on are planet. Well that's another dream for another time. -ParkerKoble


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