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Author Topic: Oopisy The beginning a new Voltran  (Read 647 times)

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Oopisy The beginning a new Voltran
« on: October 18, 2015 01:54AM »
  the failure of a splicing jacket  the cost a young life

or was it?

 a few genetic strands that were deemed unworthy and as waste combined with the DNA of a promising young Voltran.
the result, a genetic failure that knew nothing of what he was. he lay in the street for hours DNA changing and  backfiring in his mind opening  channels and closing the ones already there

the name  was found  as someone  dropped a  cup "Oopisy"
yes oopisy that is what i am. that is who i am.

after years of collecting castoff material knowledge he emerged from under the belly of society he hungered for more information, wanted to know  what was out there in the stars place the others always conversed about.


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