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« on: October 10, 2015 08:04AM »
-Transmission begin-
-Security codes transferred-
-Security codes accepted-
-Beginning information relay-
-Accessing file "Crusader"-
-Access granted-

Date of Origin: Unknown
Design: Unknown
Creator: Unknown, Presumed dead
Discovery date: 4730AD
Suddenly in 4730AD a massive unknown object was seen coming out of hyperspace near Chiron Ulterius the size of which caused the orbits of many small moons and asteroids to be affected.

Fleets were scrambled to intercept this massive object in fear it was an attack due to how close it was to one of blade falcon's homeworlds, This however was soon discovered to be false as the ship was found to be under no power of its own and rapidly cooling for some unknown reason.

A Clarity defence station was built in 4732AD after many believed that this old war relic could be under some kind of AI whose intentions are unknown.

After 20 years of waiting the Local government decided it would remove the object from space as the affect it had on the local planets was unacceptable. However this would prove near impossible without entire fleets of capital ships being diverted to help move this object so an investigation into the possibility of repairing the old relic to move under its own power was started.

This would be easier said than done however as the rapid cooling had affected the outside unknown material and it wasn't known if the object could even hold itself together.
A small team of 650 people including military units and escorts were dispatched to attempt a repair

Upon arrival the object was discovered to have writing in some unknown language written in the outside hull
Translations were attempted but they only managed to translate the first four words
"You who would desecrate"

The team entered this unknown object. Walking slowly into the darkness the outside world lost contact with them soon after..

After a few months the team reported back to operations with the following message
"Mission has failed.... The madness is everywhere.... We can't escape .. We are lost"
Soon after contact was lost with the defence station, Clarity 803.

A massive debate broke out in the local government as to what to do
Many believed this to be an act of war
Some still believed this object to be peaceful
And others believed the madness is some kind of alien god or creature of mass destruction.

Fear of the unknown drove the vote and it was decided to attack the object.

Titan class "Executor" was sent along with the 3rd defence fleet with orders to fire on the unknown object

Upon opening fire the unknown object began heating up again and the large hyperspace ring around it began to move..

A massive beam of light was seen coming from the front of the object heading towards the Executor class.

A hard turn was ordered aboard the executor in an attempt to make the beam hit the underside of the ship,
However midway through the turn the beam hit the back half of the ship and penetrated deep into the fusion reactor.

It took only seconds for the core to overheat and explode killing all onboard and taking with it three escort cruisers.
Having lost a Titan class the fleet was scattered and it wasn't long before all contact to the fleet was lost.
The object then started to fire on anything that moved, Including planets..

The planet "Jix" was entirely annihilated by this object and all of the population was lost.

Panicking the local government ordered a full abandonment of the sector was ordered and Chiron Ulterius was lost

No one has ever returned from Sector Chiron Ulterius and to this day the fate of the unknown object is yet to be seen.
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good read thank you for the share


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