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BRM Watcher
« on: June 25, 2015 10:01PM »
The Capital class "Watcher" Was built in 3025 AD By Dread Syndicate's Ginatus shipyard. The reason for commission of the warship was due to the ongoing civil war that was happening through 2890AD to 3029 AD that had brought many problems to the empire of Dread Syndicate.

Her history is long and quite troublesome. At the time of her commissioning the turrets she was using caused major problems for the ship. The turrets used magnetic impulse drives to push the head away from the base.

 However due to an internal warpdrive being used on the ship the turret would need to be lowered for transwarp or the magnetic impulse drive would offset the nav computer leading to inaccuracy.

Due to the nature of a magnetic impulse drive other ships couldn't get to close while the ship's turrets where extended or they would risk being sucked towards the ship.

In 3027 this caused a light cruiser to be pulled out of warp and collide into BRM Watcher causing massive damage to both ships. The light crusier was destoryed completely beyond repair however the Watcher was still salvageable and due to the lack of capital ships it was decided to do so but at the cost of much more man hours then desired.

15 weeks after this event the Watcher was back in action and was ordered to head to the dimnis sector and join homefleet one in the taking back of one of the homeworlds, Zusc.

In the battle of Zusc BRM Watcher knocked out three cruisers and five light destroyers but suffered a loss of one of her three main 780MM turrets and the back half of her proteus core generators leading to her having to retreat from battle.

After repairs she again joined homefleet one for the assault on one of the core worlds, Ginatus where she along with four other capital class ships completely wiped out the defence station around Ginatus and all of the surrounding ships including two capital class flagships.

However her sistership, BRM Witcher was lost in the battle of Ginatus when one of her four turrets imploded and started a chain reaction leading to the implosion of the warp drive.

After this event the magnetic impulse drives were covered with armored bulkheads to prevent this from happening again at the cost of reduced turret rotation.

What happened between her commissioning and 3027 AD isn't known at this current time.

She received the stripes of victory due to her crew's actions in the battle of Ginatus noted by the red and white stripes across the length of the ship.

Although at the time of her commissioning she was at the top of the class when it came to tech her aging design leaves much to be desired.

She is still in service to this day and is currently conducting peaceful trade route policing. Though her design is aged she is still more then capable of fighting her own battles and through continuous upgrades her age still hasn't dampened the fighting spirit of this vessel.

You can find screenshots of this majestic ship here
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Re: BRM Watcher
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Nice big boat. Hope I don't have to cross paths with one!


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