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Author Topic: GenXnova support post  (Read 835 times)

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GenXnova support post
« on: June 11, 2015 03:35PM »
Here is the default support post information we use for listing sites and for the main game forums at starmadedock.n et


Our Communty
Server site: sm.lazygamerz.org
Community Forums: lazygamerz.org

This server is brought to you by lazygamerz.org with over 5 years experience in sandbox games, and gaming community. We are gamers who both play and support the games we play. We WILL be in game with our players not just running a server for the game. We are providing this server with dedicated active admins that will be in game and available no less than 20 hours a day to answer questions, help players understand the game, and provide both sound advice and help with in game problems. Our StarMade server has now been running for over 18 months online and open to the public. So we are boasting a thriving in game economy and progressing faction base to engage in PvP with. We also boats a very diverse and tolerant multi cultural community with all walks of life and players from around the world.

We ask that all of our players please follow simple and standard server rules for sandbox and online games. (site link to rules for our server)

Server Software Support
Our software engineer is Levest28 and he can be reached by both the rewards site message system and the main forums if anyone has any question, comments or concerns about how our support software is ran.

We offer
-Automated Restarts at 4AM and 2PM UTC -4:00
-Automated Server Backup each time the server starts up
-Permanent Archive of 1 backup per week
-Automated Crash Detection
-Vote Rewards 20m reward per day and 1% bonus per $1 donation
-Full banking system to deposit and withdraw credits and items
-Automated ship core requests (Receive a ship core any time, handy if stuck in space!)
-Automated kick requests (DC from game? Character Frozen? Request your own character to be kicked in order to log back in again!)
-Automated starter packs (Claim a starter pack on our site to receive a variety of blocks including all the things a new user needs! (Once per character))
-In game support player commands based on player vote support.(complete list on the main page of the rewards site http://sm.lazygamerz.org/)

On Server Perks
Our community management leader is Bobbybighoof and he can be contacted by both the rewards site message system and the main forums if anyone has any questions or concerns about how our community works to provide both a progressive and fun in game; game play.

We offer
-Protected spawn with protected player shops around it
-PvP - Player verses player is allowed on server with assigned safe zones (protected sectors available with protected player shops and other support for those who do not want to take part in pvp)
-PvE - Player verses environment is active on the server with many server made pirates to kill and loot.
*RP - Role playing is supported on the server with a huge lore story and supported fan fiction in the works (site link to lore and fantic Role play is not enforced and is not required on the server.)
-10 km sector size
-2x default ship turning speed
-10x multipler on all mining and 36 on faction owned systems.
-5 million starting credits
-Blueprints saves and uploads enabled (15 slots)
-Starter pack available to be claimed through automated site (sm.lazygamerz. org)
-300 km/h hour server speed
(Our server perks and limitations are likely to change as the game becomes more optimized and we move closer to live release of the game. So look for some things to improve and some things to be made less as the game allows for it.)

Block Limits
These rules on blocks are updated as of January 17th, 2015

-500,000 block limit on ships (Not including any docked turrets or ships)
-300,000 block limit on docked combat entities with a max of 20 per ship.(combat entity = turrets and ships)
-3 million block limit on stations that have huge amounts of animated blocks showing, and 5 million on stations that do not have animated blocks showing.
Full block limits available HERE

For those interested in a more non pvp game play we offer Personal and Faction sector protecting that can be acquired via donations as well as active on server game play. These offers are made with the understanding that the bases and sectors will not have ai controlled entities shooting at players. Other players on the server are not be permitted to do anything considered to be trolling of the non pvp players.

Donation perks
We also offer by donation sector saves and exports and even protected player shops around spawn and other protected sectors. Many things can be acquired using server donations to find more check our post of server donations. All donations include a % bonus of daily vote rewards. Server donation Perks. All players receive 500,000 in game credits every hour they play on our server (approximately 8333 credits every minute.) Remember all of our donation based offers also can be obtained by simple active game play on the server with no donation cost to the player.

Voice Chat
We also provide all our StarMade players with a well managed and active Team Speak 3 voice chat free for all our StarMade users to enjoy. All admins of the StarMade server are on hand on the voice chat when logged into the game it is a community rule to help manage the server. So you can easily talk to any of us on voice chat.

Our Team Speak 3 voice chat info is:
ts3.lazygamerz .org

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to improve it or updates to it please post them here and we will review the suggestions and make changes accordingly.


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