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7Days General Chat / Re: 7 Days to Die is awsome...
« Last post by Kakahodmak on October 02, 2017 02:49AM »
It is so charming to say that it must be accepted.
7Days General Chat / Re: !#@$ this game
« Last post by Kakahodmak on October 02, 2017 02:47AM »
I can not believe that this will be seen.

Starmade General Chat / Re: Whats going on?
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on September 26, 2017 10:18AM »
Well we have given no message saying we were not going to be running our starmade server, many of us have just been busy. I wouldn't worry too much we have been number 1 for over 2 years, and we are still running. There might be a bit of laps in being productive while this new power system rolls out (lol you know 6 months to a year) but that's only because it takes that long for people to get the sand out of their butt cracks over the power change.

Anyways no worries real life matters have just hit me hard so if I seem a bit pre occupied I am, but I'm still here still care and still plan to run our server.
Starmade General Chat / Whats going on?
« Last post by Blobfscrazy on September 24, 2017 05:19PM »
I was just wondering if bobby could give us an update on the fate of Lazygamerz. The server has been down a lot over this last month and player count seems to be basically 0. As well as that it has lost its no.1 rank. Lazygamerz is my favourate server on starmade and I would just like to know if it is in safe hands
Starmade General Chat / Server bot down (09-04-2017 8pm PST)
« Last post by Dinozzo on September 04, 2017 11:44PM »
Some weird issue with the server right now;
any of the special commands don't work like banking to the site or just getting an admin list.
also game server to webchat doesn't work but webchat to game server does. even tried !report crash in server and on the webchat to no effect.
Moved this topic to Fantic / Lore. :) thanks for the share it seems like a good idea. If you were looking for it to be added to the server lore the next race to be added is a mechanical race along with the "Alien" pirate race. Neither of those have fleshed out back stories or even names lol so some work still to go there.

Still thank you for the share and this is something to consider.

I'm going to list what they could be called, the jackals "pirate race" and the mecha "mechanical race"

I'll list them in my next story (Cultural index on the Vorath) you can say if they sound okay or not
Lore / Fantic / GenXnove Cultural Index EP 1 "The Vorath" Date: 2875
« Last post by Spaceman_tate on August 15, 2017 05:06PM »
Cultural index file: 02 Speicies: The Vorath, Homeworlds: Vora IV (Destroyed), New Vora

Intro: "The Ocean Known as Space is Vast, Quadrillions of Stars & Planets, With an abundance of life, Quite recently we have pulled out Of a Galactic Scale War! One like this hasn't been seen for Hundereds of Millennia, not all intelligent life has been blow to bits though, There are still hundreds of intelligent species out there, unfortunately 99% of them are still Cave Dwelling Tribals, and he most advanced species blew eachother up, However 4 of the Advanced Races Survived the onslaught. 5 if you count the Mecha's Which are Mechanical

They are; The Humans, The Jackals, The Noa, & Our topic for today, The Vorath

The Vorath are a Reptillian Speicies from the 4th Planet in the Vora System

Vora is a Twin Star system (Human Name Zeta Reticuli)

They (as well as other life from the Vora System) are Silicon based. In their early tribal days they were A Very Vulnerable Speicies due to Vora IV having an abundance of Preditory life.

They decided to stay all in 1 city Surrounded by mountains. Due to their isolated and Cooperative Nature They're Age of Science came Early. Scientific breakthroughs were daily. 500 years after their bronze age ended they had Achieved the Art of Space travel And 10 years after they had made their first interstellar Jump Drive.

Interveiw with Dr. Scli LeiVerabraham, Cheif director of the Vorath Science Division Vorath Female

CIR: Morning Dr. ... uhh

Scli: Just call me Scli

CIR: "alright, Thanks for your time, mind if i ask a few Questions for the Cultural Index?"

Scli: "How do you Humans Say? ... Shoot!"

CIR: "Thank You Very Much! The Vorath achieved Space Travel VERY quickly!"

Scli: *nods yes*

CIR: "How was your race able to do that?"

Scli: Easily! Half our Population had Careers in Science, and with more numbers and a Set goal! We got things done! We Made our first jump drive in your 9th Century"

Soon they realized they weren't alone they discovered alien life on nearby worlds. One scientist became intrested in the worlds preditory creatures and decided to conduct an experiment. The scientist decided to Hybridize his own DNA with the creatures, it took a few tries but after one certain try he had successfully created a Hybrid

after the first hybridization success, the first Age of Evolution began, they were visiting worlds Getting DNA Of every avalible species they could find. Some of the more advanced ones fought back and were Exterminated for their DNA while the more Primitive ones were free to go

Scli: "The age of evolution is how we went from this *Shows a picture of what looks to be a Gecko that looks Humanoid* To This *Stands up & Attempts to take off her clothes*"


Scli: "Oh Right, I Forgot Nudity is … an Uncomfortable … Topic for your Species. " *She buttons her shirt back up* "Vorath Don't think Nudity is a big deal!"

The Current Vorath Form Looks Similar to humans although they still have scales and Have a Bald spon ontop of their head,

In the mid 20th century The Vorath were scouting the Sol System's 3rd planet "Old Earth" When A Collision Occurred Between a Vorath Scout ship and a Weather balloon,

This Resulted in the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash. The 3 Vorath Crew Died on impact and the Ship was Never recovered until the Mid 22nd century.

The vorath took intrest in the humans and had seen that they had a very bueatiful figure, So The Vorath Decided to abduct the humans in secret to Use them to Hybridize themselves. This wasn't Discovered until the 24th century. So They Anlong With the Noa (Who were accused of starting the Egyptians) were Having War declared against them by the humans. Who had allied themselves with the Jackals, (A Race of … Imagine the Ferengi From Star Trek Only … more Avian.)

Scli: "all 4 races Turned the Galaxy into a Hellstorm, This race Blew up That Planet, That Race Blew up this here planet, It Was What you humans would Call, Hell! the War reged for 2 centuries Until The Vorath Called a Cease Fire After All 4 Races Nuked Eachother's Plnets to Asteroids!

What's more insane is After that the Jackals Fromed The Intergalactic Trading Guild.


CIR: "yeah and then they abandoned their home after that. I mean they still have a planet, even though 5 minutes on the surface is like Standing inside a nuclear reactor for a Day! … Yeah i see why they abandoned it."

In the year 2756 With "Project resettlement" The Vorath found a New homeworld. New Vora. With strangely colored Red Dirt & one continent. They decided to do the same thing they did on Vora IV

Have one city in the center of the continent to house the Whole population!

Outro: CIR: That concludes this Cultural index file! The next one is on the Jackals! Should be fun! And thank you Scli for coming!

Scli: No problem big boy!

CIR: *Getting a little Red from embarrassment as the file ends*

(Authors Note: This is just a Concept of what the Vorath's backstory could be, the Vorath was originally A Speicies created by BobbyBigHoof! Hopefully he likes the story & hopefully he likes the name i made up for the 2 unknown species he made up! "The Jackals" & "The Mecha's", Also i forgot what the speicies that started the Egyptians were called but it was similar to "Noa" so i went with "The Noa" you can correct me bob if you see this!)
Announcements and News / Re: ISP issue for starmade server 8-3-2017
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on August 13, 2017 12:07PM »
ISP issue should be resolved now
Announcements and News / ISP issue for starmade server 8-3-2017
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on August 13, 2017 12:05AM »
The ISP at the location of the server box is on the fritz. No worries people it will be resolved shortly. Thanks for your support.
Lore / Fantic / Re: My little Idea "Project Resettlement"
« Last post by Spaceman_tate on August 12, 2017 03:51PM »
Looks good I like the story in this. Thanks for the share hope you share more in the future.

Thanks! I Hope I share More too!   ;D
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