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Announcements and News / Game servers down for the night
« on: October 18, 2017 07:02PM »
do to a leaking oil huge main power box on the street where our game servers are hosted. So out for the night. Should be back up tomorrow

Announcements and News / ISP issue for starmade server 8-3-2017
« on: August 13, 2017 12:05AM »
The ISP at the location of the server box is on the fritz. No worries people it will be resolved shortly. Thanks for your support.

We will be rolling back the operating system of the starmade server August 5th 2017 so expect some down time.

We have had nothing but problems with upgrading to windows server 2016 and all of our application was built for basically windows 8 / server 2012 so we are going to try and roll the server os back to correct the now 20 to 30 server manager crashes a day plus the lack of any site messages or site chat both to the server or to the site all caused by our server manager not working properly do to a permission issue with windows server 2016 at this time. We tried running in compatibility that didn't help on this. SO back we go.

Thank you guys for your continued interest in our server and a reminder that we still need donations as this is a new month and we still have monthly costs we need to cover. Your support of me personally on my birthday was fantastic and I will be working out what all I can do to offer you guys some bobby sneak peaks, but we still have other things that need to be taken care of monthly. So please still try to slip us a few dollars if you can.

Thanks again

Bobbybighoof, lead management team leader , GenXnova StarMade , GenXzombies 7days to Die

Development / full download link to all files for SMEdit
« on: August 05, 2017 05:32AM »

This is the place where smedit downloads its files from and all relevant files are located here. If you need any part of the application or need to replace any file, or simply can't get it to download the main application the link above is what you need.

Announcements and News / All 4 GenXnova race logos
« on: July 16, 2017 12:21PM »
Here is the 4 races of GenXnova t-shirt and future logo use design.

Naturally the version I have is like 6 times bigger and more detailed.

Each race and the Consortium logos to follow.

Announcements and News / Bobby's Birthday 2017
« on: July 11, 2017 07:34AM »
Thank you to everyone who showed up or spent some time with me on my birthday. I had many well wishers and friends by my side and for that it was a very good birthday. I was able to raise about 200 dollars towards me a new video card on my "Bobby for twitch streamer 2017 campaign" and I will just have to save up the rest over time to try and get a good graphics card. I want to also thank everyone who sent in extra money last month as a donation. Your efforts mean a great deal to me, and I am very happy and proud to be your community manager.

Edit: Good news thanks to the contributions of a few loyal activists of our community I was able to raise the funds for a 1070  graphics card that is on its way to me right now

Beginning next week I will be able to stream for you guys some very Bobby interesting things. :) thank you to all who helped.

Thank you all who came and showed their support it was a good day.
Bobbybighoof, management team leadr, GenXnova StarMade, GenXnova 7days to die

We are doing hard drive updates to the starmade server. The server will see down time of about 3 hours while we switch over the new os hard drive and server source hard drives.

These changes will allow us to grow and add more things to the server and site.

Thank you all for your continued support of our starmade server.

Bobbybighoof, Management team leader , GenXnova

Starmade General Chat / Bobby for twitch streamer 2017
« on: June 13, 2017 12:57PM »
OK like the subjects says I would like to be able to stream some things for you guys on there is a million very interesting things that I do for you guys on a daily basses that never gets shown and no one really knows about that I would like to stream so that you guys can see just how awesome these things are.

lol ok so here is the problems.

#1 my video card is over 5 years old and is the bottom rung of the quality production line. I have an I7 and 32 gigs of ram as well as a 650 power supply what I don't have is a card to put on it worth a shit. lol
 #2 I don't honestly have the money to buy a card of any real quality.

Here is why I am making this post, and yes I know just how shameful this call for help is, but I have never in the 7 years of running lazygamerz done this, the middle of next month is my birthday and I am asking you guys in the lazygamerz community to help me out by donating to the cause of getting Bobby a good graphics card. In return I will come up with a streaming plan and stream for you guys all the kick ass things I do from art work to programing and site design.

You can donate to this cause directly to my paypal or you can donate to the lazygamerz donations area of the forums here. GNPD_Whitelanc er has already made sure we hit out 100 dollar mark for the community needs this month so everything donated from now until the middle of next month. (July 10) I will put towards a new graphics card. I honestly need about 400 dollars but we will see what I can come up with to use first.

help a bromo out here really need your help on this one
and Thank You in advance to anyone willing to help me on this. You can post here showing that you sent me a bit and any little bit helps, or you can keep it private I will edit the post here to show the amounts donated.
Bobbybighoof, your do it all for you guy...

Gaming General Chat / Dungeons 2 FREE for limited time
« on: May 13, 2017 07:33AM »
free on humble bundle for a limited time.

ends in 5 hours

Announcements and News / Logout text to fire off on site chat
« on: April 06, 2017 11:57PM »
We have added the ability to define within 65 spaces (letters and spaces only) what logout text you would like to have fire off on the site chat when you log out. It will replace the default "For whatever reason" text that now fires off. If you do not use the setting it will use the default.

The setting can be found on your account tab of the web site.

Announcements and News / First days on new source
« on: March 02, 2017 02:41AM »
So as many of you already know nothing went the way we had planned, and we had basically just toss up a default universe with defaulted npcs. It seems the game is not ready for any of that and even the hope that we could have our own npc factions in there doesn't seem to be a thing we can do at this time.

We will revisit this in a few more months when our team has cooled down from the loss in so much work that we suffered from this attempt.

We did get stations for the derelicts, pirate, and trade fixed and we did do quite a bit of tweaks to the configs including but not limited to smaller planets and bigger asteroids as well as non physics on the asteroids to help prevent lag on asteroid spawn in. We will continue to look at the configs over the coming weeks and see what else we can tweak there.

Starmade General Chat / Station repair for npcs
« on: February 28, 2017 12:11PM »
So yesterday I needed to go through all of the stations we have for derelict, pirates, and trade guild to separate some of them and give them to the npc factions we have now. Mostly the races we have for our server lore. Well in doing this I found that a good many of the stations were broken. Not in the kind of broken that they just wouldn't load but in the kind of broken where when loaded they were badly block converted.

The funny thing is that when I tried to get the updated game version to convert them from back up files we have of them; the same blocks were missing on them every time. I figure there was an issue with the way the game developers set up the conversion to look into the blueprints-stations folder that holds all the stations for the server to load for the 3 factions. Well that was my excuse for it for the original conversion, but now it seems that the math for it has blurred into the main conversion now and the game is not converting the old blueprints properly anymore.

SO off I went digging and diving into very deep folders on my computer looking for the perfect back ups of the stations and the game version that converting anything was good on. As luck would have it the hoofinator has massive and extensive folders and files on things, and within an hour I had the stations converted properly.

Now those things can be a bit taxing on your average Sammy server owner, but not the Bobster. The reward outweighs the blisters on my poor little fingers for all the look ups and searching ;) lol the whole affair gave me a new cense of renewed goal as now not only will we have the best stations for our 4 races to start out with but all of our old ideals on derelicts and trading guild stations is all refreshed and looking ready to go.

SO now our stations in all aspects are ready to go, and all that remains is the universe creation, and layout for spawn stations and gates

Starmade General Chat / Understanding a server wipe / reset
« on: February 27, 2017 07:38PM »
I try hard not to make our forums my own personal blog, but some things I can't keep away from explaining and trying to rap the community into what I am doing.

So we are facing a server wipe / reset. Lets get into what that means for me first. We know what it means to you guys and trust me when I say we in the admin team doing everything we can to make it go smooth and painless for you as we can.

The wipe / resets are caused by many things, sometimes it because our files are too big but with the 32bit file change schema gave us it isn't the size of the files. It is the fact that we just simply have too many files in the folders. It has to do with the operating system used to run the server. Now this would not be better if we used another operating system. All of them would run into the same problem. No operating system can list all the files in a folder if the amount of them just gets too many. this causes lag or file slowdown because the operating system keeps trying to list all the files in the folders for itself. So that it knows what is there. Well that is where we have come to.

So now I have to prep for us a new server source. When I do this I do everything I can to make sure our files are fresh and not potentially damaged by time and multiple download replacements. This issue has happened to files in the past, but is not a usual occurrence in file downloads in todays technologies. We do this just to make sure that all areas of potential problems are covered by our development.

So with fresh files downloaded for the server to run on, the next part is for me to copy and paste into the new folder creation is our files such as server config files, admin lists, and black lists for banned players. We have only a select few that needs to be constant from old server source to new server source but if we do not make sure each of these files are constant then we will run into issues. We go through each of these files and make sure they are set up the way we want them for the server to run, and make sure that any changes are constant to how we plan to run the server. Players can ask about these files and we try to cover them here on the forums.

Also with the files from the game we have out own set of needed files such as the server support application. This is our development and what runs our server for us. Now there is plans to expand on our development there, and will we continue to try and improve on what we have, but lets not get side tracked here.

So after all the files are prepped and ready for server set up then comes the daunting task of making sure aspects of the server running are ready for the server set up such as default stations for the derelicts, the pirate, and the trading guild. Now on any good server all of these files must be changed out and not be set to the default files offered by the game main developers. We have a good 35 plus stations that have to be gone through to make sure they are the ones we want to use. On this server rest we are moving many of the stations to the new npc factions to make sure those factions have better than what they have had from default game development. These things help to keep our server running interesting and fun for our players. All of this includes copies put into the blueprints folder as well as the main location located in the blueprints-stations folder. This allows us to set up an account on the server to have all the server stations for an admin to be able to re-spawn any station for a player if there is any issue with their station or anyone wants to work on one of these stations.

All of the server accounts for blueprints is locked to insure security in our blueprint set ups.

So with a server locked account to hold blueprints we then add the ships that the pirates will use to spawn in to protect their stations or randomly pick players on server and spawn fleets on them in their home sectors. On this server source the entire pirate list has changed and we have added our new "Alien" race based loosely off a ship and station type one of our past players used when he was active on the server. We had wanted to add this alien ship and station type back then but this player pretty much locked the type into his play style and we didn't want to bother his game play. So we waited and talked to him about adding these ships and stations types to our use later. That time is now and we have been working to modify these types to include them. More work will need to come into play while the server is running.

After the station and ship prep we have to look into the new npc factions and in the case of this server set up we have to set up new factions and add ships and station to their set up as well. On this server set up we have prepped over 35 plus factions including the default ones from starmade, ours, and about 5 other scu-fi lore that players can help to populate, and help to run the scenario as the server runs. As this is the first time we will try this things have been slow going to get it ready. Much of the factions are still using default ship and station set ups but we have high hopes that players will be interested in helping to populate these.

The next step is to prep the world folder that will be put on the server box. This is to generate a new world folder including the npc factions and the stations / ships for then. this makes the universe we will use, and sets up all the internal files fresh and new. Along with that this makes all the pirates and npcs clean and set to our needs. There is no need in us needing to change things on the server later to correct hat was spawned in.

with a universe to log into I then set up all parts of our lore that need to be in the server such as spawn station and our gates going from one galaxy to the next.

With all of these things in place we are ready to move the files and folders to the server box. I zip all of it up and copy and paste it into the server box folders. I unzip the folders. All ofthat is done on the day of the server rest and everything is put into place. We then can restart the server with the new files in place.

This is what happens on a server wipe / reset and what I go through on doing these things for us.

Time is running out and starting this time tomorrow I will be working on the new server source. I can only add new factions and what not before I do the first set up after that all of that is locked into place. So make sure to bring up what topics or ideas you would like to bring up in the next 24 hours. I can add ships to existing factions but as it stands now we do not want to mess with the set up after it gets started. So get your ideas in while you can.

Announcements and News / Site developments for 2017 (a first look)
« on: February 22, 2017 12:40PM »
Ok I have been toying around with a great many things for us on the server site. Over the past few months I have been adjusting small bits and pieces of the sites layout, and database tables.

The objective is simple. I have in development for us many things that needs to both be brought to you guys and polished off for the site.

#1 if you have not been on the server chat when I was on there rambling about this new chat system I am working on; I am working on an avatar chat system for us in the languages used in the set up are (HTML, HTML5, js, css,) with heavy database protocols.

Here is a first look at the system in play. Keep in mind many things will change including the text colors.

Here is a second pic showing how even the ability to see the main chat window will be interactive.

Now keep in mind that most of that will need to be tweaked for look and feel and that will take many months and a ton of advice from you guys to tell me how things should be looking and what works best for us on there. I will gladly listen to anyone in our community about potential eye sores.

#2 Now this one has been laying around and toyed with on and off since the dawn of our server site in the first place, but I am confident that this year is the year we will get it polished off for you guys. We have been working on a complete HTML5 casino. Now that means the windows and interactions are completely like the old flash games if anyone remember them.

Here is a first look at the games we have ready and the directions we are wanting to go with this development.
(please excuse the pic size as it may not be work or small devise friendly. so I will put it in a spoiler)

(click to show/hide)

As you can see we are not talking about some simple little what ever. We are talking about a very polished and very expansive system.

Now what we plan to do is the cool part. Not only will you be able to spend up your in game credits to your hearts desire, but you will be able to own these casino tables, charge other players, and even lose your casino to other players who break your casino bank. We will offer 10 casino tables for each of the 3 main galaxies on server. SO if you live in the spawn galaxy there will only be 10 tables available for players in that galaxy to own. But if you say fly over to the pve galaxy and want to play the casinos from over there we will ask the server what galaxy you are or were in on the server, and you will be offered to play at the casinos from that galaxy.

Now keep in mind these casinos can be won, traded, sold, and even lost if you don't keep enough credits in the casino bank and a player beats the your casino bank on credits, then that player will then be given the chance to own your casino, or sell it, even trade it to another player. (there will be a max limit of how many credits can be kept in a casino bank. So you can't put 100 billion credits in the casino and never lose it. There must be some risk involved in owning a casino) If the player was at a casino not in their home galaxy the player will be given only the options to trade or sell or even give the casino to another player who is in that galaxy, or if the player does not do any of those things the casino will be put up for a default site price for someone from that galaxy to buy.

So there you go the few things I am at this time able to show you guys as to what all it is that Bobby works on for you guys constantly and all of the time. If you don't see me in game I am sorry I wish I could just hang out and build all the time with you guys, but then things would never get done, and we have tons we want to do for you guys.

Thanks for taking the time to read this per usual bobby size tldr intro to what we have in store for 2017.

Bobbybighoof, management team leader, GenXnova

Announcements and News / Plans for 2017 server source
« on: February 21, 2017 08:45AM »
At first we had thought to just make sure over the next year that we had all of our races from our lore in the npc math so they could be a part of the npc ai stuff, but the more we got it ready the more we realized that this may be our only chance to set up or include anything for the npc factions for the whole next year.

I personally foreseen me doing a metric ton of telling players "if you get some things ready by the time we rest again then we can do something" and I just didn't want to do that. Also we wanted the players to have a good chance to fight and deal with a large set of possibilities out there not just other players to hope to be able to deal with.

So here we are at what I am proposing that we do. We want to give all of you a chance to at least have one lore or internal npc group that you support or would like to see better on the server. What we are planning is to bring in around 6 factions from each of the big sci-fi lore out there plus ours. Babylon5, GenXnova, StarMade, StarTrek, StarWars, and setting these up at the very least with the small default npc ships the game already has.

This will give all of you a chance to build something that can be used for the npcs and quite a bit out there for you guys to trade with deal with or get in fights with. Here is what they look like set up on the galaxy

We have 4 days to talk about what should change or what should be added or improved on before I have to go with what we have designed because after the source is constructed and put in place it can't change. We can't at a later time take out or put in npc factions that we have on the source.

So here is your chance to get your ideas in let us know what you guys want or want to see on this.

Announcements and News / New server source under way
« on: February 13, 2017 09:53PM »
Here is a first look at the npc faction list to go into the new server source.

with only the "Voltra" not showing on the bottom of the list.
Here is what they look like as they get ready to take over the galaxy.

We had thought to add a few other things but to be honest our entire admin team is at this time struggling to get what factions we have ready with a good many of the ships needing to be reworked and continued to be developed after the new source is out.

So here it is that time again and we are confirming to everyone that as of the first of March 2017 we will be resetting the universe. Now what will we keep you ask? well on this universe reset we will keep the catalog that means all of your blueprints are safe. What is not safe? well that pretty much means all of the rest will be wiped. Players should bank all their stuff off the server to credits and deposit those to the web site.

We will only do player restore for 30 days.

For the first 2 weeks after the reset we will be spawning station blueprints in for players and reclaiming protected sectors. After that for a complete week we will turn on buy blueprints with credits so that players can reclaim their blocks as well as continuing to spawn in stations for players. The last week in March we will be winding down the station spawn in times and ending the player restore event.

So now is the time to get everything ready for the next big adventure on the #1 server in StarMade.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Bobbybighoof, management team leader
GenXnova, and

Announcements and News / 7days server password
« on: February 05, 2017 10:52PM »
the password to the server is


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