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7Days General Chat / Re: !#@$ this game
« Last post by Maxajax on October 20, 2017 08:50AM »
The way I used to do it was:

 - 1: Find yourself an island.

 - 2: Find the central point.

 - 3: Create a surface bunker of about 5x5 surrounded by rows of spike traps on different height levels.

 - 4: Dig a 1-block-wide tunnel down from the center of your bunker. Make sure you have about 100 wood frames and 5000 wood on you before you do so as you can use the wood frames to jump-place-jump-place-jump-place until you're back upstairs.

 - 5: Replace the dirt on the sides of the mine shaft with wood blocks, reinforced with wood and place a ladder.

 - 6: You should now have a beautiful mine shaft that leads down from your surface bunker.

 - 6: Create an underground vault consisting of a tunnel with 3x3 open space, with as many rooms attached to it as you require. Usually amounts to 1 bedroll room, 1 crafting room, 1 general storage room and 1 personal storage room for the individual players in your group. These rooms are fine with a width and height of 3 and can be made as long as they need to be.

 - 7: Have an escape tunnel at the back of the bunker that goes below the lake. If zombies spawn underwater they drown. You can use this to wait out blood nights. I usually preferred to fight them on top of my bunker but I don't have the game installed to give you screenshots, and it has probably disappeared in a server reset by now. Anyone that played with me should be able to show you how I did it though.

I managed to get by perfectly fine with a tier 500 wooden bow and arrows because I did it in a dank manner. Nests will regenerate feathers and trees, the main source of wood (Trees) can be planted. Once you get set up you can set up farms on the surface as well. Naturally you can also boil water in order to get clean drinking water. Personally I had no problem with slave-labouring to death over and over in the vault followed by immediatly respawning on top of my bunker.

Oh on that note, you lose the stuff in your backpack when you die. Try to keep things either on your Toolbelt or in a secure storage at your base.
Starmade General Chat / Re: Whats going on?
« Last post by Maxajax on October 20, 2017 08:20AM »
I can echo this sentiment. I am currently tied up with university but that does not mean that I'm permanently gone. Starmade might be finnicky but there's nothing like it, and when it comes to starmade this server is the only one I'll play on.
Announcements and News / Re: Game servers down for the night
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on October 19, 2017 09:27AM »
and with that the power outage is over. yahhh for water and power of the modern world.
Announcements and News / Game servers down for the night
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on October 18, 2017 07:02PM »
do to a leaking oil huge main power box on the street where our game servers are hosted. So out for the night. Should be back up tomorrow
7Days General Chat / Re: 7 Days to Die is awsome...
« Last post by Kakahodmak on October 02, 2017 02:49AM »
It is so charming to say that it must be accepted.
7Days General Chat / Re: !#@$ this game
« Last post by Kakahodmak on October 02, 2017 02:47AM »
I can not believe that this will be seen.

Starmade General Chat / Re: Whats going on?
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on September 26, 2017 10:18AM »
Well we have given no message saying we were not going to be running our starmade server, many of us have just been busy. I wouldn't worry too much we have been number 1 for over 2 years, and we are still running. There might be a bit of laps in being productive while this new power system rolls out (lol you know 6 months to a year) but that's only because it takes that long for people to get the sand out of their butt cracks over the power change.

Anyways no worries real life matters have just hit me hard so if I seem a bit pre occupied I am, but I'm still here still care and still plan to run our server.
Starmade General Chat / Whats going on?
« Last post by Blobfscrazy on September 24, 2017 05:19PM »
I was just wondering if bobby could give us an update on the fate of Lazygamerz. The server has been down a lot over this last month and player count seems to be basically 0. As well as that it has lost its no.1 rank. Lazygamerz is my favourate server on starmade and I would just like to know if it is in safe hands
Starmade General Chat / Server bot down (09-04-2017 8pm PST)
« Last post by Dinozzo on September 04, 2017 11:44PM »
Some weird issue with the server right now;
any of the special commands don't work like banking to the site or just getting an admin list.
also game server to webchat doesn't work but webchat to game server does. even tried !report crash in server and on the webchat to no effect.
Moved this topic to Fantic / Lore. :) thanks for the share it seems like a good idea. If you were looking for it to be added to the server lore the next race to be added is a mechanical race along with the "Alien" pirate race. Neither of those have fleshed out back stories or even names lol so some work still to go there.

Still thank you for the share and this is something to consider.

I'm going to list what they could be called, the jackals "pirate race" and the mecha "mechanical race"

I'll list them in my next story (Cultural index on the Vorath) you can say if they sound okay or not
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