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Gaming General Chat / Dungeons 2 FREE for limited time
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on May 13, 2017 07:33AM »
free on humble bundle for a limited time.

ends in 5 hours
7Days General Chat / Re: once again Sale
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on May 12, 2017 01:52PM »
wow we need to pick up some copies to give away as prizes

BOBBY! Help! I can't log in to the main site!
New Members / Re: Hello :)
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on May 01, 2017 11:13PM »
welcome to the community I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
New Members / Hello :)
« Last post by ciggs on April 30, 2017 09:00PM »
Hello Starmade Men
Well I am an older player, I suffer with health issue some times makes me slightly grumpy once in awhile:) But so far I like this server playing for a week or so, I'm not really into the PVP stuff, I'd rather do an Bobby AI VS Bobby AI as two ships duke it out that way you can watch, I like Titan size for a ship personally and not good at building small ships and gribble stuff also not good with the logic stuff either.

Currently Building my Imperia, which is a top secret project for the Imperial forces, long range artillery designed for knocking out, Star Destroyers that have gone Rouge! Most Imperial Forces are total Unaware even of it's existence This ship is used as a last resort to either cripple or destroy, and may be used in a siege battle to crush opposition than retreats off back into the secrete region of space. 
So we have been designated Titan Guard, my son usually plays as well but has not been in the mood because there is no sound back in the game yet for the guns, and a much better builder than me bar far!
Announcements and News / Re: StarMade Server Donation Perks
« Last post by ZerglingZero on April 14, 2017 06:53PM »
Hey, I donated $10 back on February 23rd and just wanted to wait until the server was reset to claim it.


-12000 Power Reactors
-4000 Power Capacitors
-16000 Shield Capacitors
-8000 Shield Rechargers
-10000 Jump Drive Modules
-16000 Cannon Barrels
-12000 Salvage Modules
-20000 Hyper Coil Thrusters
-80000 Advanced Armour (Black and Grey)

Thank you!
this request has been met, and the station restored.
Starmade General Chat / Re: Two years ago today...
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on April 12, 2017 03:17PM »
very nice thank you for the share. :) and happy birthday templar
Starmade General Chat / Two years ago today...
« Last post by Zackey_TNT on April 12, 2017 12:54AM »

Two years ago today, the templar was created. I'd like to share with everyone the story of this cruiser, which has cemented its place in history. Every single pvp fight that the bluerain, dread syndicate, or the syndicus has participated in, has had a templar cruiser in it.

This is the original version:

This is the latest version:

The original purpose of the Templar was actually to counter capital sized ships with minimal cost. Due to the member base of bluerain being so large, it wasn't very cost effective to give each of them a capital ship, so in order to give each member the capability of countering a capital ship at very little cost, this cruiser was created.

Its effectiveness at this role was unprecedented, when facing the Templar enemies of the faction often complimented the ship, noting its capabilities against larger ships, indeed the only flaw the Templar had was its inability to be used by untrained pilots due to its use of cannons, which required advanced aiming at long range (due to the increased sector size genxnova has)

These days the cruiser is mainly used as a test platform for new technology, this cruiser was the first to receive our generators, chain drives, and more. Its been mothballed twelve times, only to be refitted and pushed into service once more to face yet another threat. It has become the backbone of our entire fleet.

The honored few on the kill board display block inside the templar:
1. Ravisent
2. VanessaCxo
3. Unnamed25
(major engagements only, consisting of more then 8 ships in a single fight)

As of the 12th of April 2017 the templar has participated in 63 battles, killing 29 sub 100K block ships, 8 sub 1M block ships, and 2 2M block ships. It has also killed about 126 players (their characters) Most of these kills are from homebase attacks.
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