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Starmade General Chat / Re: Is the Server Down for good?
« Last post by ForgottenPrime on Today at 09:23 AM »
Ill continue to vote to show my support. That's all I'm able to do at this time.
Starmade General Chat / Is the Server Down for good?
« Last post by ForgottenPrime on Today at 09:09 AM »
Hay the server has been down since early yesterday. Please tell us whats going on.
Announcements and News / Brothers in arms 2018
« Last post by lazygamerz on March 07, 2018 01:23AM »
We were brothers once. Against powerful odds that stood against us, and million dollar threats, we raged and waged and ruled much of our future. Truly we owned much. Over the years many, very many, much more than I had ever thought truly possible in this rag tag team of miscreants , many took charge and changed their destiny shaping and molding tomorrow as they went along. Now for going on 8 years I have seen belief become reality. I knew in my heart that all it took was a steady truth, an endless and unwavering backing to see rags go to riches, and see misfit be what makes the world fit.
  There is no words at this point to express the very steadfast joy of victory I hold always in my heart. I too won a battle against many things that lead me here to only be what ever I could be, to back others to win out against a world that claimed they were not needed. Now they are not only needed but wanted and desired, and all the better for me. Now at the eighth year I must continue on my own personal journey. I will always be here as long as our domain is hosted and as long as anyone ever needs to know that even this long into the game, I am still game, and still playing, but I must take care of a great many things that beckon me now, things that for many years I too hid from and refused to face.
  One day we will all meet again in that game, and on that battle field, and again we will know from the deepest reaches of our souls that we are brothers in arms, and true friends in this life, and in this world. Happy eighth year lazy gamers and may all your games be a relaxed and easy game because we all need those easy victories and we all need that team to help keep them easy victories.

BobbyBighoof, Lead admin,
General Chat / Re: Lazygamerz: IT refuses to quit!
« Last post by Solidust1337 on February 12, 2018 11:27PM »
STFD = Sent to find Donald, he is a terminator sent from the future to assassinate Mr Trump due to young voters being ironic at the polling stations just so they can be part of the #trump4president revolution which leads to him accidently being president
I honestly can't believe I'm seeing this right now hahah
Starmade General Chat / RE: Power update and what's been happening.
« Last post by GNPD_WhiteLancer on January 28, 2018 02:28PM »
So, I've had quite a lot of people asking me what's happening to the server, and I'm hoping this post can answer that.

First off, the server is up to date with the current version, and is stable enough to at least have 20 people playing on it. I know that Bobby and Levest usually are the ones that keep the server up-to-date, but sometimes things get busy.

I've been re-given remote access to the server by Levest, and will try to keep the server updated to the current game version.
(Levest had to remove that capability for awhile, due to the fact that some people Chinese IP addresses were trying to log into the server remotely around 30 times a second.)

I'm still the server's head admin, however, and will not be going up in rank. Bobbybighoof and Levest28 still have the final say in server rules, config changes, etc.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with the server, please post here, message me via the website, or PM me in-game, and I'll do my best to answer/fix them.

If you have any questions regarding the new systems, or need help, just ask and I'll help out. Keep in mind that I'm learning the new systems as well, so I might not have the answers immediately.

And last but not least...
A LOT of you have said/hinted that I'm a bot, or an ai. Ha-ha, ha. I get the joke, but seriously, I'm a person just like everyone else.
General Chat / Re: Nostalgia Lane,
« Last post by Pyrar on January 08, 2018 12:08PM »

Miss you guys a lot and rarely come on here, but that's how life is. Still have so many good memories of you guys and all our nights on Voice chat playing different games together.
General Chat / Re: Nostalgia Lane,
« Last post by PIE_OF_DOOM on January 04, 2018 04:51PM »
Dose anyone still use the Teamspeak? Went and checked and didnt see anyone.
General Chat / Re: Nostalgia Lane,
« Last post by Bobbybighoof on December 21, 2017 04:23AM »
General Chat / Nostalgia Lane,
« Last post by NecroMancer on December 10, 2017 05:59PM »
Just dropping by, seeing the growth and the changes. Man has this come a long way since the RuneDev days.
Miss a bunch of you guys, seeing as I am graduating soon I thought I drop by and revisit some of the places I used to hang. I have many fond memories of this place.
Many nights spent getting wriggity wrecked in minecraft, including my huge pumpkin farm. I love that after all these years I can still log in and come back and relive some of the memories.

Starmade General Chat / Re: Whats going on?
« Last post by Maxajax on November 13, 2017 02:52AM »
No worries we are still doing what we do best just quietly right now as real life hit most of us hard, but we will still be running out starmade and 7 days to die server wile we work out the finer points of that real life thing, and we are still the best we know that lol ;)

I still can't believe that I accidentally enrolled for double the number of courses that I needed for the minor. I still intend to do them all because they are interesting, but my free time is dead. Let alone doing anything on the side to afford a computer hardware upgrade, lol.
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