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Author Topic: Ship/Mother Ship Block Limits  (Read 2185 times)

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Ship/Mother Ship Block Limits
« on: January 30, 2017 03:21PM »
Ship / Mother ship
A ship (mother ship) in GenXnova is defined as simply what a players uses to fly around in space. A ship can consist of just a single ship core block or it can be max limit size for the server. For more information on what GenXnova ship sizes are check out our ship classification post maintained by our main player admin.

We have to have an over all block limit on the ships on the server to help keep lag and block loading times down on the server. Our limitations were not put in place to micro manage the players abilities on the server but rather keep the server running smooth. Anyone caught trying to refine these limits to meet their needs or quibble about how the limits themselves are written will be subject to their constructions being removed to keep the limits intact. Do not try to find ways around these limits we are not going to let things slide simply because we didn't refine the written rules to be completely clear to your personal understanding.

Block limits revised as of January. 30, 2017 (No refined definitions; Just block limit changes.)

Ship Block Limits (Mother ship)

The max limit for blocks any ship can have is 2,000,000 blocks. (that's the mother ship alone before anything is docked to it.)
This limitation includes but is not limited to any non combat entities docked to the ship such as lifters, doors, wings, landing gear, or any other construction made to enhance the over all RPG / aesthetics of the ship.  For a more complete list refer to the “non combat entity” community guide post. These limits also includes any boarding party defense turrets. If a ship is to be used as part of a drone system or fleet system it is no longer classified as a mother ship and is to follow the rules that govern those types of ship types.

A mother ship can have many types of combat structures docked to it and use those constructions as their defense and offence ability against other players and npcs while in flight or simply out in space. Please let us know as a comment to this post or a post in the suggestions board here on the forums if we have missed the type of combat entity you use on your ship.

Drones / for fleets see the info below

The max limit for blocks constructed as drones docked to any mother ship is 300,000 blocks in total (that's all drones combined not a singe drone)
The amount of drones that can be docked to a mother ship is 20
The max limit size in blocks for any 1 drone docked to a mother ship is 300,000
Drones can not have anything docked to them and are enteneded for simple protections and patrol abilities only and meant to be deployed in battle not used as a secondary turret system docked to a mother ship.

A drone type construction is a ship in itself, but is designed with no other entities docked to it so that it can be used to dock to the mother ship and dropped in battle.
a drone must be intended to be undocked and ai controlled in battle and not used as solely a docked non moving added turret. These drone ships can be as small as the blocks needed to maintain its flight, computers, and ai block. These drones can be as big as the max limit for any drones docked to a mother ship. For a more complete understanding of what a drone is check out the community guide on “drones”


Provisions for towing a ship; a mother ship can have another ship docked to it and both ships have other things docked to them only if the mother ship is towing the docked ship back to base. If the mother ship is caught in battle while towing another ship a player will not be chastised or reprimanded for defending themselves, but do not go attacking npcs or other players while towing another ship back to base. Do not fly around the universe as if you have nothing better to do then just fly around. You need to get yourself and those ships back to faction home bases they belong to and get them undocked. This prevision is for towing back to base only not for extended game play.


The max limit of blocks constructed as turrets docked to any mother ship is 300,000 blocks in total (that's all turrets combined not a singe turret)
The amount of turrets that can be docked to a mother ship is 20
The max limit size in blocks for any 1 turret docked to a mother ship is 75,000

A Turret consists of two core blocks; the base and the barrel of each turret makes up the whole of the turret and are located on the outside or exterior of any mother ship.
Provisions for Point Defense turrets and boarding party turrets; see below

Point Defense Turrets / Boarding party Turrets

The max limit of blocks constructed as turrets docked to any mother ship is 5,000 blocks in total (that's all PD turrets combined not a singe turret)
The amount of point defense turrets / boarding party turrets that can be docked to a mother ship is 20
The max limit size in blocks for any 1 turret docked to a mother ship is 1000
The max firing distance of any 1 point defense turrets / boarding party turrets docked to a mother ship is 2 sectors


Do not try to refine these limits to do or use other things as generators themselves are a source of lag and why we limit them to ships 500k blocks or more. So do not try to test things out to see what you can get away with.

Thruster Generators (engines)
Limited to ships 500,000 blocks or more
The max limit of blocks constructed as generators to any mother ship is 600,000 (that's all generators combined not a singe generator)
The max amount of thruster generators that can be docked to a mother ship is 20

Power and Shield Generators
Limited to none on ships
The reason why there are no limits for power/shield reactors is because after Schema nerfed these to the point of breaking, docked shield generators do NOT provide any shields to the mothership,
and docked power reactors actually drain your mothership's power by about how much they regen, thus turning your mothership into a powerless brick.
If you do have ships with power or shield reactors, please remove them, since all they do is waste power and space on your mothership that you could put towards other things.

Fleets (build and faction limits)

Max Fleet size per player

The one thing our limits can not do is fix stupid. We can not instill into players that these limitations are only in place such as they are to help players actually be able to use fleets. Otherwise we would have to turn the use of fleets off on the server as they are tricky at best, and subject to the players ability to use and understand how they work. I will try to be more clear in the layout of these fleet limits.

The max limit on a personal fleet size is 300,000 blocks in total.
The amount of ships any player can have both docked to their mother ship and out on maneuvers is 20
The max limit size in blocks for any 1 ship in a fleet is 300,000
The max limit of fleets per player is 3 (see faction limits before you simply build 3 fleets because this limit says you can)

Max Fleets per faction
The max limit on a faction’s fleets is 10 fleets total.

Players in a faction over the 10 fleets total will not be able to run fleets and should be assigned the ability by their faction leaders. Running more than 10 fleets and being caught by administration will cost the faction the right to have any fleets with any offending members being banned. (fleets are a very touchy thing in game play and cause many issues that we are trying to get worked out before we all just toss out as many fleet ships as we can all over the server. So don’t do it.

Stipulations on fleets. This means what you can and not do more so than block count and will be expanded into its own guidelines post at a later time.

(mining fleets)
If you are building a mining fleet you will not be able to get more than 4 to 6 ships to mine at any given time. They will start to bounce off each other and try to re position themselves and bounce off each other again effectively getting no mining done so do not try to build more than 6 ships for a mining fleet, but you can use the 300k block limit to help those 4 to 6 ships mine better.

(pirating fleets)
If you are attacking pirates again a small fleet of 6 to 10 ships anything more and the ships tend to too greatly cluster up in a sector after all pirates are destroyed. Try to join your fleet ships at least in a cloaked ship so that the sector is loaded.

(player attack fleets)
If you are attacking a player near their home base the 20 ship limit will be fine but build smaller more disposable ships so that the player can get rid of them fast and case less lag. You should also send them one sector away from any home base as the fleet will try to focus on the center of a sector and if that is a home base the server is dead more so than the player your trying to attack.
Do not send more than 1 fleet at a time. You have to make sure the last fleet has returned or is destroyed before you send another fleet. Fleet ships can bounce off of and crash into each other and too many ships equals a dead server even if it is only 2 fleets from the same faction in the sector. So do not send more than 1 at a time.

Repeate offenders of these server ruling on fleets will be banned

These limits are subject to change without notice, but we do not change any limitations lightly and we never go down in allowed blocks once we have set a limitation on them. (only exception to that rule is when we are testing a new block limit for a dock type and we tell those who will be testing these limits for us that the limit might change before the final limits are agreed to by the community.)

A player admin will not on average check every ship he / she finds on the server for their limitations, but if the ship is clearly and easy to see over the limits the admin can either ask the player or faction who owns the ship to bring the ship back into the limits or if no player or faction is available to advise then the admin can remove the ship from the server and report the ship removal to the admin slack team so that we have a record of the ship removal. A player admin will also check a ship if there is a complaint about that ship by another player. It doesn’t take much to check a ship. It is very easy to tell when a ship is clearly over the limits.

Bobbybighoof, Communty main leader, GenXnova

-Updated by GNPD_WhiteLanc er (server admin) to current limits on 1/30/2017
-Updated by GNPD_WhiteLanc er again to include why power and shield docks weren't included beforehand, 6/12/2017
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Re: Ship/Mother Ship Block Limits
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